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Typography is an art.

Typography creates an identity, evokes a mood and conveys a message. It is sometimes used by itself as a design element. A designer will carefully select a typeface or typefaces when creating a design, taking into consideration the type of business it is for, the message and the intended audience. All text, especially body copy, must be readable! The most beautiful design is not at all effective if it is difficult or impossible to read. The message will be lost. This goes for digital publications and websites, as well.

Type and printed matter not only communicate information to us, but they also influence decisions we make on a daily basis. Whether we realize it or not, type and the way it appears affects which CD and book cover catches our eye, which detergent might make the whites whiter, which movie might be the scariest or most romantic. — from Type Rules by Ilene Strizver

Once a typeface is chosen, the designer will format the text. Typography is used to guide the reader through the publication or web page, using fonts and formatting to draw attention to the most important information. Subtle adjusting will make a world of difference when designing publications. Good typography is essential for a professional image, whatever the message or medium!

Typeface or font?

Confused about the difference? Many people are. A font is a single style of a typeface (eg Times italics or Arial bold) where a typeface is the collection of the same style (eg Times, Arial).

Interested in learning more about type?

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