You have a new or existing business and you need more customers. With all the software available, many companies are producing their own logos, flyers, brochures and direct mail pieces. Even websites can be created using templates. To save money, you put something together, run off some copies on your printer and you think you are all set to market your business. But branding is important. It is the face of your company.

Think how swiftly and strongly a design experience shapes our opinion of that brand, company or store, for good or bad. For instance, we know quickly when a website is bad. And we associate that feeling of frustration, or worse, disappointment with that brand.  Adam Swann, Forbes

People do form an impression of your company by your logo, signage, brochures and website. In the long run, unprofessional looking materials will devalue your organization. Many companies are realizing that design is important and it is relevant to success.

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